• Alternative Dispute Resolution Liaison to “Sister” Organizations (MAGAL / MCFM / MCLC / etc.)
    Joanne Romanow

  • Chapter Liaison: Joanne Romanow

  • Conference Committee: Conference Committee: Mira Levitt, co-chair, Bob Zibbell, co-chair, Jon Fields, Donna Feinberg, Lisa Gallagher, Leslie Greenberg, Jessica Greenwald-O’Brien, Alex Jones, David Medoff, Vicki Shemin

  • Legislative: Jenny Clapp

  • Membership: Kate Potter, Kathleen Michaud, Colleen Cunnally, Ashton Pouliot

  • Newsletter: Tony Pelusi, Jordana Douglas, Lisa Gallagher, Mary Klaes, Vicki Shemin, Harry Somers, Kelly Flynn Zawistowski

  • Nominating Committee: Kelly Flynn Zawistowski, Jenny Clapp, Karen Cohen

  • Round Tables: Ashton Pouliot, Premela Deck, Stephanie Tabashneck, Jenny Clapp, Harry Somers, Alicia Doherty, Rich Novitch, Karen Cohen

  • Scholarship: Kelly Flynn Zawistowski, Jenny Clapp, Mary Klaes, Hon. David Sacks (Ret.), Karen Cohen                      
  • Directory / Website / Listserv: Josh Hoch

  • Liaison with Chief’s Office: Jennifer Clapp

Get Involved: Members, if you are interested in joining one of these committees, please email admin@maafcc.org to let us know.  All are welcome!


MA AFCC committees